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The use of oils has a strong connection with Wicca. The oil contains the scent of the plant or plant it is made with. The scent triggers different brain centers, causing great influences upon the human mind and emotions.


There are many uses for oils such as:


~For anointing candles, in candle magick

~For anointing the body after a ritual bath

~During the ritual bath by adding a few drops into the bath water

~ For making bath salt crystals

~ For anointing stones, charms, talismans, sachets.. Etc.

~In magick glass lamps, (if you use instead of candles)

~Incense formulas

~On the body


Oils should be kept in a cool, dark place.


Making Your Own Oils


Take a small jar and fill it with herbs or what ever you want the oil made of. After that pour extra virgin olive oil into the jar. Make sure all of the herbs are covered in it. Close the jar tightly, and keep it in a warm (not sunny) place for three days. After the three days are up strain the oil through cheesecloth, or use a coffee filter inside a funnel. Try to get as much oil as possible, out of the jar. Then put the same oil back in the jar, and fill with fresh pieces of the same herbs and whatnot and let set for three more days. Continue the process until the desired fragrance is obtained.

Oil Correspondences


Almond- good for money and prosperity rituals

Ambergris- love

Anise-For divination and protection

Apple Blossom- happiness, success, love, and peace

Apricot- love

Basil- harmony of any kind, peace, money, love, protection

Bay- healing and health, worn by women to attract men,

Bayberry- prosperity, money, luck

Bergamot- protection and prosperity, money

Camphor- anoint your self when you broke up with or when she/he broke up with you and you cannot let go, divination

Carnation- healing, energy restoring, consecration, joy, happiness, vitality

Cedar- courage, healing and health, money, protection

Chamomile- love, money

Cinnamon- protection, meditation, healing, love, luck lust, money Do Not Use On Skin!!

Cinquefoil- love, money, health, power, wisdom

Civet- worn by women to attract men

Clove- love, lust, clairvoyance, money, protection, divination

Cumin Seed- peace and harmony at home and healing

Cypress-luck and protection

Deers Tongue- love and fidelity

Eucalyptus- healing and purification, protection Acacia- when worn it aids in meditation and helps in developing psychic powers.

Allspice- excellent for vitalizing and for recovery of a sick person.


Frankincense- purification, exorcism, blessings, spirituality, courage, protection

Gardenia- love, protection, beauty, harmony, health, peace

Geranium- courage, love, protection

Ginger- passion, love, lust, money     !! Do Not Use On Skin!!


Honeysuckle- for better memory and quick thinking, peace, safety, money

Hyssop- money and purification

Jasmine- love and spirituality, money

Juniper-healing and health, love

Lavender- healing, purification, lust, memory, success, communication, happiness, love, peace and sleep

Lemon Grass- peace, purification, when worn on the forehead it boosts psychic powers, lust, and love

Lilac- peace and harmony, induces clairvoyance, helps recalling past lives

Lime- healing and health

Lotus- blessing, meditation, healing, good fortune, happiness, luck

Magnolia- meditation, psychic development, peace, harmony, opportunity

Mint- money and prosperity

Musk- purification, lust, and courage, worn to attract the opposite gender

Myrrh- purification, protection, hex- breaking, healing and health,

Narcissus-healing and health, sleep

Nutmeg-meditation, protection, quick luck, money

Olive- lust

Orange Blossom- love and marriage, divination, luck, money

Orris Root- love

Patchouli- men wear it to attract women, banishes negativity and evil, gives peace of mind, love, protection, and money

Pepper-courage, protection

Peppermint- to create changes in life and purification, healing and health, luck, lust

Pine- healing and health, money

Rose- love, peace, harmony, romance, friendship, healing and health, luck, protection

Rose Geranium- courage, blessing, and protection

Rosemary-healing and to develop mental powers, luck, protection, vitality

Rue- hex breaking, banishing negativity, protection

Sage- purification, cleansing

Sandalwood- protection, healing

Spearmint- health and healing


Sweetpea-friendship, happiness, love

Tuberose- peace, psychic powers, to be worn by men to attract women

Vanilla- love, lust (arouses sexuality in a woman), vitality


Vervain- success and material gain, fertility, money

Violet- healing and health, worn by women to attract men, protection


Wood Aloe-money