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Here are some tools that a wiccan uses in his/her spells, rites, rituals etc. All of the tools arent up here yet but they will be soon.


This is an athame. An athame is a magickal knife. The athame is not used for cutting, it is used to direct energy raised in rites and rituals.

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This is a Book of Shadows or Book of Enlightenment. I t is used to put your Wiccan information like, sabbats and your wiccan terms. It is also used to put your spells and rituals in. Your Book of Shadows can be made of leather or faux leather basically any material you want. Most seen on the front is your "rune" or symbol. But you choose or make your rune to put on there.

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This is a cauldron. A cauldron is often the focal point of a ritual. The cauldron should be made of iron, and it should have three legs. The opening should be smaller than the wider part. The shape of the cauldron represents mother nature, and the three legs represents the triple face of the moon goddess. Cauldrons come in many sizes. This is usually the hardest tool to find, especially if you are looking for a used one.


This is a pentacle. A pentacle is a piece of gold,silver,brass,wax,clay,wood, vertually any material. It is inscribed with a pentagram on it. Objects that sre to be ritualy consencrated are placed apon the pentacle.

The Bell
Vibrations are released when a bell is rung. The effects are different, depending on the tone, volume, and material of the bell. Any type of bell may be used. Abell may be rung to signal the beggining or the ending of a ritual. It also may ward off negativity or envoke good energies. It is a protector if hung on a door.

The Boline
The Boline is a white-handled knife. It is an actual cutting knife. It is used to cut herbs, wands, to inscribe symbols on other magickal items or cutting cords.

The Censer
The Censer holds incense burned during ritual. It may be made of fancy metal or a sea shell.

The Cup
You may use a cup made of any material that you like, silver,brass,pottery,stone, or anything. It is used to hold, water or any beverage to be drunk for ritual.

The Wand
The wand has been used for thousands of years in religious and magickal rites. The Goddess and God are invoked within the wand. The wand is also used to direct energy, to draw magickal symbols during ritual. Wands may also be used to stir a magickal brew in your cauldron. It may be made of wood or metal.

The Broom (besom)
The broom is used in ritual and magick. This tool is sacred to both the Goddess and God. The broom became a powerful tool against curses. Even today many people hang a broom on the front door of their home, but most do not know the symbolism of it. The area to be used for ritual is swept clean with the broom. The sweeping is more than a physical sweep of the area. Visualize the broom sweeping out all of the negativity in the area. This clears the way for more effective magick. It is also a purifier.