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Finding Your Craft Name


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To Find Your Craft Name

To leave the old personality behind and to show the world your new self, you may want to choose a craft name. This name should reflect your personal values.

There are several ways to find a Craft Name. Visualization is the way GreyWing found hers.

Use the image of the Goddess in her Maiden form. She is Spring, sometimes known as the Huntress, a fresh beginning, a continuation of life, rebirth. Although she is young we may call on her at all stages of our life.

You may either cast a circle using a pastel colored candle to represent the Maiden or do this meditation anywhere.

Sit in a comfortable position and your feet touch the floor. Place your hands in your lap and close your eyes. Visualize a white light coming toward you. The light positions itself over your head. See the light get stronger. The light slowly envelopes your head and shoulders. The light gets brighter and moves lower. It gets even brighter and covers you completely. Breathe slow and steady. Relax your body starting with the muscles of your face. Release the tension in your neck, shoulders, arms and hands. Feel the muscles of your abdomen, buttocks and legs relax. When you are totally relaxed, move on to the visualization.

It is near midnight. A full moon is in the sky tonight. See yourself walking along a path in the woods. All around you a trees. Hear the trees whisper as a light breezes flows through their top branches. The path is clear and well marked,as if followed for many years.The light from the moon is so bright it penetrates the leaves of the all the trees around you.

In the distance you see what must be a clearing, where the light from the moon shines bright. You continue walking till you reach the edge of the clearing. In the middle of the clearing you see a well. You walk toward the well, then stand beside it once you reach it. It is an ancient well, the stones worn and covered in the most beautiful green moss. You look into the well and see how deep it is. You feel all of the days problems and all your worries and negative emotions fall into the darkness of the well. You feel relaxed.

You hear a chattering at you feet.You see a small bird at the base of the well. It is jumping at chattering excitedly. It heads toward the opposite side of the clearing. There you see a hill.. You follow the bird to the hill . There is a handsome vine that grows from the top of the hill and hangs down covering what looks like part of a door. You can see part of an iron handle. You push the vines away. This reveals an old oaken door. It is tall with a rounded top. The hinges are made of iron, old and rusty, but were once very ornate.

You pull on the handle of the door. A little dirt from the top of the door drifts down in front of you and the door slowly opens.

Inside it is very dark. You step inside and wait for your eyes to adjust. With the help of two torches that hang in iron holders on each side of the door, you see a wide tunnel made of stone. It has a curved roof. You take one of the torches and start down the tunnel. You hear a creaking behind you. You turn and see the door closing.

You turn back to the tunnel and walk on. The light of the torch is bright and lights your way. You do not feel frightened. Further in the tunnel you think of the Maiden, the Huntress, her strength. You know if something should happen she will be with you.

The tunnel curves one way, then another. There are smaller tunnels that branch off. You know your path is to follow this main tunnel.

You hear the barking of dogs deeper in the tunnel. You know you are protected by the Maiden and are not afraid. You see reflections and glimmers of light ahead. Voices, footsteps and laughter follow the light. You walk forward to meet whoever is there.

The barking and laughter are louder. You see the light from torches being held by others, but can't make out who they are.

When you are close enough, you see a group of men and women dressed in white robes. All are carrying torches. The leader is a woman, tall and muscular. She wears a short white robe and has a bow and quiver over her shoulders. Her hair is tied back. She wears hunting boots. An owl perches on her right wrist. The hounds are barking and jumping around you.

The Maiden stops in front of you. She asks you to follow her. All but one of the group turn back in the direction they came. This companion links arms with you and coaxes you on. You all follow the Maiden.

The tunnel widens. You find the tunnel has widened so much it is now a circular room. In the center of this room is a fountain. The water from the fountain bubbles up then flows down into a shallow depression in the floor. The curving of the wall is followed by benches that surround you. You and the rest of the group set your torches into holders on the wall. You see the circular wall is covered with bright murals and elaborate carvings.

You walk slowly around the chamber. The scenes on the murals touch something deep in you. The pictures of the forest, the animals, ritual scenes, dancing and music making, all seem to have stirred a feeling of magick and mystery.

One of the companions points to the fountain. The Maiden stands beside the depression filled with water. You walk toward her. She smiles gently and asks you if you have any questions. You tell her that you want to find a craft name. You have been searching, but have had no luck.

She points to the spring and asks if you are ready for initiation. You remove the clothes you are wearing and step into the water. The Maiden picks up a white ceramic pitcher and dips it into the water. She slowly pours water over you, filling the pitcher several times. The Maiden and her companions sing and chant as the water runs down your body.

She blesses you and kisses you on the forehead. You feel your third eye pulsate and become active.

You dress. The Maiden tells you the answer you seek may come to you in a dream or in other forms.

The Maiden and her companions lead you back up the tunnel. The journey back is shorter. As you get nearer the door, the group stops and wishes you farewell. They turn back toward the central chamber. You replace the torch in its holder and push the door open. The Moon welcomes you back to the clearing.

Take three slow deep breaths and return to your present surrounding. Stay quiet for a few minutes and absorb the experience.

Be aware for messages and answers. They may come from unlikely places and people, or in dreams.

Adaptation by GreyWing of a Meditation by D.J.Conway in her Book "Maiden, Mother, Crone"
Here is a link to GreyWings site or you can use the one in the "links" part of my site.