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Creating A Sacred Space


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Sacred space is all around you, the air, the water. The earth is sacred space. Your sacred space is where you have privacy to study and/or practice magick. Your sacred space is a place of focus and energy for, learning, celebration, and magick.
This space can have a portable altar or a permanent one.
                        FINDING ONES SACRED SPACE
If you do not live alone and the other or others to not share your belief, discuss with them your need for privacy.
The place you choose may be permanent or temporary.
Those who have extra room for your sacred space is very fortunate. You can decorate your space in any way you like. It is great to have a cabinet or closet to hold your supplies or decorations you use. Use your imagination. Create an area that makes you feel comfertable. Remember to have your supplies at hand in your space, so you are prepared for your business.
If you have a limited space there are alternatives. A corner of a room may be used. If you feel the need to hide your space when not in use, a room divider works nicely. Just set up a small table, covered with a decorative cloth, and put a small alter up. Decide what kind of lighting will be used? Will it be candles, electricity, hurricane lamps or a combo?
Also remember window shades for privacy.
When you wish to use your sacred space be sure that the time you spend in there is uninterupted.Unplug your phone, turn your cell-phone and your beeper off. If you don't have your family working with you, explain your need for privacy.
                                        OUTDOOR SPACE
For outdoors, be sure to have your sacred space obscured from your neighbors vision. Do so by fencing it in or surround it by trees and shrubs.
Design your own "witches garden". Put flowers and herbs all around. Stone benches to sit and work. Make it your own.
Choose your space wisely and carefully. You will be greatly rewarded.
Your sacred space will be a place of uninterupted learning, celebration, and happiness.
                                 CLEANSING AND DEDICATION
If you have a large area sweep it with a ritual broom. You may prefer to smudge or sprinkle water containing, a cleansing herb, or water energized by the full moon.
As you sweep, smudge, or sprinkle, recite the following:
I cleanse this space for my desire,     *
By air to earth and water and fire.
May negativity and shadows dissapear,
In this space, mind be clear.
In this space energy will stir,
Forgetting all the things that were.
And in this space my soul be heard.
* ( property of Stardove)