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Wicca Basics
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On this page I'll describe the very basics of Wicca.


What is Wicca?

Wicca is a nature based religion. It entails living peacefully with all creatures and the earth. It honors a Goddess and God (to some not) that is contained in all nature and in our selves. The Goddess and God are an aid for Wiccans to focus inner power and the power that is found in all of nature. Wicca is practiced in a group (coven or grove) or solitary.
It is based on pre-Christian European folklore and mythology. Witchcraft is the modern-day name for Wicca. It is related to the ancient Mother Goddess in her aspects of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. It dates back to the paleolithic age, when a god of hunting and a goddess of fertility were worshiped. The power of nature inspired the belief in higher powers that controlled the rain, wind, lightning, fire etc.
The Maiden symbolizes youth and anticipation of life, the continuation of life, spring, and the waxing monn. The Maidens color is white, light pink, and light yellow.
Mother symbolizes summer, ripening, recreation of life, the high point of the cycle, adult and parenthood, and the full moon. The Mothers  color is red (the color of blood and life force), and green (a fertile color).
The Crone symbolizes death and the end of all cycles, winter, night, menopause, age, wisdom, counsel, and the waning moon. The Crones color is black, dark purple, or grey.