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The following recipes were sent by Silver Storm Cloud.
As you make the Betty Crocker easy bake brownies, with each stir, see the
love between you growing if it is meant to do so. See the friendship deepen,
the love grow stronger and your circle of friends increase. See prosperity
and gold showering down into the mix. Pour half into the pan and place a
layer of peppermint patties (or reese's peanut butter cups or whatever!) then
cover with the other half of the batter. Before placing it in the oven, place
both your hands over (or finger tips in) the mix. Close your eyes,
concentrate on prosperity and say:                                
 "By this mixture, cookie brown
and by the magick I mixed round
Two lovers meet in deep embraces
To eat a cake of darkened places
Darkness and light within thee mix
To bring a love made true with this!"
 Bake according to the stated time and decorate with white or chocolate frosting with heart chocolates or red frosting hearts.